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Coding Period GSoC’22 | Week 10 + 11 + 12

Coding Period GSoC’22 | Week 10 + 11 + 12

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·Sep 12, 2022·

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I am sharing my progress for Weeks 10 and 11 in this blog.

Task Completed

By now, we have completed the following tasks:
1. Simulator Testing.

2. Importing and Exporting of CircuitFiles.

3. Touch Compatibility.

Week In Review

Completed Mobile Touch Compatibility task for simulator and finally got Pull Request merged in Primary codebase 🎉.

Now we can simulate circuits from our mobile or tablet.

Pull Requests

Future Plan

Currently, we are working on the Custom Dialog Box task 🚀. Hopefully, we will complete the Custom Dialog task by next week 🥳.

That’s all for now; stay tuned for more updates😉.

Thank You

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